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Art Class • Painting or Drawing Class

$196 including supplies

 The classes are taught 10am-12pm every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month except for major family holidays
(the group does not meet on major holiday weekends i.e. New Years Day (if it falls on Fri. thru Mon.), Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July (if it falls on Fri. thru Mon.), Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas (if it falls on Thurs. thru Tues.)

Hobby Lobby at 1501 E. Whitestone, Building D, Cedar Park, TX 78613

I am not an employee of Hobby Lobby, however I have an agreement to teach in their classroom.

If this does not meet with your schedule I teach private lessons. I charge $40 per hour and provide supplies ($35 per hour if you have your own supplies) for completely private lessons at your convenience (If you bring a friends you can split the cost i.e. 4 people private lessons is $70 per hour for the first hour of the session $60 for additional hours) My studio is located in Brushy Creek (West Round Rock near OConnor and 620)

You may take watercolor, acrylic, oil or drawing in the class. I have over 19 years experience teaching all of these mediums in the classroom at the same time. Classes are limited to 15 students.

I teach 7 year-old children drawing. The minimum age for painting is typically 8 years old. For students under 10 years of age, they are allowed to have 8 one hour lessons (arrive from 1-2 pm) The lessons are serious and the children are kept busy and quiet. Most parents leave their children and pick them up at the end of class. Student Gallery and Instructor portfolio is below the written information. My goal is to train students to paint or draw exactly what they see and bring them towards a professional level. It takes a different amount of time for each student.


Some of the things that are taught.

This bowl below is the third project for painting and the first project for drawing..
(the first two painting projects have prepared you for this one - you may notice that it is only in one paint color
- that's intentional - the color wheel and basic color theory is a later project and after that all of the projects are in color)


Which medium should I choose?

The medium that looks best to you on the finished piece of art. If you prefer the look of watercolor then take watercolor. You will never get an oil or acrylic painting to look like the watercolor you prefer and vice versa. Oil and Acrylic are opague mediums for the most part and are difficult to tell apart.

Drawing is the easiest because it requires no color mixing and brush application, but you paint start painting immediately. My projects outlines will transfer to you canvas and you don't have to learn drawing unless you want.

If you want to eventually paint people choose water soluble oil or watercolor. Acrylic dries a different color than when it is wet and will frustrate you because blended skin areas will have to be completely repainted with acrylic. If you want to paint on anything besides canvas then use acrylic.

Watercolor looks more like a colored drawing than oil or acrylic. Oil and acrylic are similar in their technique. Watercolor is mostly a different technique. Few people change painting mediums once they start, because there is so much to learn in every medium.

Because the starting projects are small, (for the first six months) the initial supplies the student purchases will last years before you will need to replace any paints because of running out. I teach you to conserve paint. I have painted a 5 foot by 8 foot canvas with less than a third of a tube total of oil paint. I have had oils and acrylic paints stored for over 20 years and still using them. The brushes will last years also.

When does Classes/Lessons start:

Classes start every month on the first Wednesday. Call for availability. After the first four classes you may continue to attend future classes where I can work with you in a one-on-one basis you can pay for 4 two hour lessons and use them flexibly over several months. I have over 190 projects, which will take a typical student 2 to 3 years to attain professional skills. .

Subject matter:

The subject matter is landscapes, still life, and birds. floral. Most of the beginning projects are 6" X 9" or smaller. If you are a painting student, drawing is not required, because you may trace the outline of the projects.

Location and times: Schedule

Instructor: Cody Davis Biography

My Course is very much a hands-on workshop. I teach the basics in the beginning i.e. For the painting section - first lesson

  1. How to hold the brush: to paint detail, gradations, blending or large areas
  2. How to clean the brush
  3. The best way to get paint out of the tube without having tube opening problems later
  4. How to place colors on your palette
  5. How much paint to put on your palette
  6. How to set up your art workstation
  7. and much more



Other information

The students are reminded to start cleaning up at 5 minutes until 8pm (The Hobby Lobby normally closes at 8pm) and they may leave immediately after that. Children are directed to stay in the classroom until their parent arrives. You may pick up your children at that time.

The children and adults are working in the same room at the same time and are not separated. The children are well-behaved and generally quieter than the adults. Horseplay is not tolerated. I have never seen any horseplay in my class because the students are interested and kept quite busy.


Lessons are $150 for 4 two hour classes - no tax - cash or check acceptable - at this timeI am not setup to accept credit or debit cards except through the internet - You must set this up in advance).

Art supplies are $15 to $79 depending on the medium and the quality Except for canvas and paper the paints and brushes will generally last for 3-7 years of my smaller projects and have a shelf life of minimum 15 years depending upon the heat of their environment. The projects are usually 6"X9" or smaller.

If you already have art supplies, bring them.

I will check to see if you have all you need.

If you need art supplies arrive 10 minutes, early so I can help you select them. Art Supplies are not included in the class.

Basic household supplies the student will need first class.

Paper towels - 2 to 5 per lesson (or bring a roll)

  • White plastic plate for palette - something unbreakable, white and non porous or if you are
    doing watercolor purchase a folding storage palette at Hobby Lobby for $2-3.
  • Standard No. 2 pencil and sharpener or .5 mm mechanical pencil with soft grip (preferred)
  • Untippable, unbreakable water container(s) - preferably clear

  • Watercolor: two water containers - one can be 1 ounce or more (for putting clean water on your paper using the brush), the other should be 1 to 4 cups (cleaning your brush).

  • Acrylic: one water container needed - 1 to 2 cups - (2 cups is optimal)

  • Oil: one container needed - 1 to 2 ounces
    (1 ounce is optimal)
  • Spray bottle (watercolor and acrylic - one that sprays a fine mist - I sell a two ounce plastic bottle that sprays a superfine mist for $1)
  • Wear clothes that you do not mind getting paint on (oil and acrylic tend to be messier than watercolor)

Call Cody at 821-2263 (7:30am -9pm / 7 days) for more information and space availability.




Student Gallery

Chris 17 years old
(after 18 months)

(after 14 months)

Chris 17 years old

after 3 months



9 years old
(after 2 months)

Chris 16 years old

Chris 17 years old

Chris 16 years old

(after 6 weeks)

Frances 12 years old
(after 6 months)

Chris 17 years old

15 years old
(after 3 months)

Chris 17 years old
(after 13 months)

12 years old
(first 4 lessons)

15 years old after 2 months
(accepted at The Colorado
School of Art at 16)

(after 3 years)

9 years old - after 6 hours of private lessons at my studio

Chris 18 years old after 3 hours in special portrait class

Chris 18 years old
(after 19 months)

drawing by a 6 year old
(first 2 hour class)

9 years old
(after 2.5 months)

Sue - over 60 years old
(after 9 months)

Sue - over 60 years old
(after 12 months)

Sue - over 60 years old
(after 14 months)


12 years old
(after 3 months)




This gallery is just a fraction of the complete gallery of student work.
I have over 120 student works in the Student Gallery Album as of 3-29-08 and growing.
Come see them all in the Student Gallery Album that bring to class

Instructor Gallery

This gallery is just a fraction of my work.
Come see most of them in the album that I bring to class