New Concept Art Classes/Lessons

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and comments that I have received.

Q: I have no experience at all.
A: Over 90% of my students have no experience. The beginning lessons are specifically designed for total novices. They start with the absolute basics and teach you the fundamental mechanics of painting.

Q: I want to learn to paint, but can’t draw.
A: Each project has an outline you trace onto your project page using graphite transfer paper. This is easier, faster and creates a perfect outline and guide to painting.

Q: I don’t know if I can paint.
A: I can teach anyone who wants to learn painting, some students take longer than others, this is normal. The important thing is to have fun. You are only committed to four weeks at one time. Most students continue with their instruction.

Q: Some of the projects look complex, will I be able to do them? Can I bring in my own projects?
A: The lessons are placed in order depending on the amount of challenge. You will learn gradually, project by project and the complex– projects will seem like the next logical step. You will be getting all the necessary help with each project. Yes, you may bring in your own projects and I will help you with them.

Q: When do the class/lessons begin?
A: Unlike traditional classes where everyone must start at the same time, these are project-based lessons and don’t require you to wait for a class to start. You may join at any meeting providing there is space in the group. Groups are limited in size. Call, e-mail or sign up on the sign up sheet in order to join a lesson group.

Q: Should I take watercolor, acrylic, oil or drawing?
A: Watercolor is slightly more complex, but more versatile. I know how to teach watercolor to make it as simple as possible. Watercolor is a transparent medium and acrylic generally is opaque like oil. Oil takes much longer to dry than acrylic. Acrylic 15-30 minutes, Oil 36 hours (Water soluble oil less time than regular oil) Drawing does not involve color or liquids and brushes. Which medium to you like to look at better? That is the medium you should learn. You may change mediums at any time.

Q: What if I have a conflict one or more weeks with the time of the meetings.
A: Because you are on your own self-paced course. You will begin exactly where you left off. You may miss a meeting and make it up at the end of your four meetings. You have 6 months to use your four lessons) I will issue you a meeting tally card and it will be marked off every class/lesson you attend. You may attend another meeting at another time and place (see schedule). (contact me to check status of space in the other group)